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With such broad manufacturing designs and products in general industry, JEMMS has engineered thousands of unique solutions specifically geared toward customer requests. Most likely we\'ve seen the manufacturing difficulties in our long history of design. JEMMS-Cascade provides in-house standard and custom-engineered assembly and fastening solutions. With over 30 years of general industry experience, JEMMS and its team of diverse industry professionals, is your resource consultant and solutions partner. Let JEMMS evaluate, discuss, and suggest solutions for limited access fastening, takt time, quality, traceability, safety, and process capability issues. JEMMS is proud to serve as a partner in engineering and design to assist in providing a turnkey assembly solution.

Solutions Provided

  • Limited, low clearance, restricted access fastening
  • 3D space constraint or assembly access analysis
  • Assembly tool consolidation feasibility studies
  • Various special designs developed for general industry customer manufacturing

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