Free thinking minds and determination
lead to opportunities.

Our team's blend of knowledge, skill and experience provide an environment of creative turn-key solutions to those opportunities.

Owner: Mike @ JEMMS



We are a creative mechanical design company, comprised of diverse members offering experience and flexible ideas to those that need them.


Safety is one of the highest priorities at JEMMS. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines that we have created. This will ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Training & Education

Our diverse team provides us the ability to understand limitations and to openly search for new concepts. Continued training and teamwork lead us to continued growth.


JEMMS offers, creates and stands behind the solutions that we provide. Our goal is to ask questions, understand and provide the solution that you need.

Turn key line
launch support and one off custom designs

JEMMS can support any industrial production line with a wide variety of precision machined, gear-driven attachments and innovative, custom-engineered assembly solutions.

Success Stories

In certain final manufacturing situations product proliferations sometimes drive multi pattern wheel lug machines to...
For several car manufacturers the process requires the vehicle doors to be installed and removed...
Paint shop maintenance recurrently have issues with paint bell cups either loosening or damaged during...