Paint shop maintenance recurrently have issues with paint bell cups either loosening or damaged during routine operations and maintenance activities. When the bell cups disengage and come off the paint robot there is often downtime as well as non-conforming material from a final product standpoint. The capital expense of these bell cups are often expensive and tend to deform with standard tools removing and installing them. JEMMS bell cup installation and removal tool creates a uniform loading to the surface of the bell cup and while mated with tranducerized digital wrenches or DC tools, the maintenance personnel can now rest easy with dynamic torque accuracy during install as well as non-damaging removal of the bell cup. This type of solution creates value in the following categories:

  1. Capital expense of bell cups on a routing basis (Our customers see bell cups mutilated or nonconforming on a weekly basis)
  2. Throughput (When a bell cup is not securely fastened to the robot this can cause production downtime related to throughput, equipment, non-conforming final product, quality control, as well as safety issues)
  3. Poke Yoke (Plants can now have traceability on secure and loosening on all bell cup maintenance schedules. When tied in with intelligent tooling they can create a process validation for every instance a bell cup is changed)