In certain final manufacturing situations product proliferations sometimes drive multi pattern wheel lug machines to accomplish final dynamic torque. Manufacturers often use 2 wheel lug secure tools to accommodate for different bolt circles and socket sizes. JEMMS has partnered with power tool suppliers and integrators to offer an all in one solution. This solution offers 10 spindles for your standard 5 lug secure and will shift based on product type. Dynamic torque is independent to the driving spindle so calibration can be accomplished on either bolt circle pattern. If dimensional space allows JEMMS can provide multi spindle final torque solutions for 4-8 spindle applications. The tool is rated for high speed production as well. This type of solution creates value in the following categories.

  1. Takt time (Operators now do not have to utilize 2 machines, decrease time for operator movement between machinery, and decrease time in socket changes for fixtured shifting spindles)
  2. Capital costs (Additional hardware and fastening equipment can incur heavy capital expense. Now manufacturers can save on an additional wheel lug machine as it is included in one construction)
  3. Safety (Operators can now incorporate 2 handed selection process for bolt circles as well as have MES confirmation for product type)
  4. Increasing the operator footprint as physical space is now freed up for other manufacturing activities or storage.